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Movement Medicine


Movement Medicine is a therapeutic conscious dance practice. It brings together a number of tools to help us see and move through life in different ways.

In the western world the Head rules our lives but this leaves no room for the Heart, Soul, Spirit and the Body to have their say.

Through dancing we can attune ourselves to the missing parts of the conversations. We reconnect to these parts, seeing how our past is affecting our present, we learn the bigger picture of what our lives are about and how we can take control of the helm to steer ourselves into the lives we want to lead.

Movement Medicine is a journey of self-discovery.

Dance with a foolish heart

Come Dance

"I like to move it, move it"! 
Through dancing we are moving all sorts of parts, both physical & emotional. As we shake and twist our bodies into new shapes we form new versions of ourselves.

Often we are holding onto patterns in our lives, and within the dance we can get a glimpse of these.

As we see our lives more clearly we have the opportunity to create meaningful change for the better.

Lets Dream

Imagination is powerful and can be used to change our lives. When we imagine doing something fun we become happy, due to serotonin and dopamine being release in the brain and the reverse is true and we can make ourselves sad or angry just by imagining a situation.

Through playful imagination during the dance we can tap into how the brain makes pathways and reinforce the structures for positiveness.

Dance with integrity and synchronicity
Dance with passion and courage


We cannot heal ourselves alone.

It is through connection to others that we we see the mirror of who we are and face the truth of our shadow.

Community holds the individual.

Dance with community

Coming soon

I'm currently planning a closed group to run in Bristol starting in the Spring.

A Foolish Heart - 1 day workshop planned for the Autumn


If you are interest in joining either please email me:

Click for more information

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