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Hi I'm Bryn my pronouns are he/him, I'm in my fifties and lead a double life. Not as a costumed superhero but I have a career as a Structural Technician which is far less adventurous that pretending to be a superhero but it pays the bills. It's a job that I have done for 30 years and I expect to continue for many more to come.

In 2014 I retuned to the UK after 6 years in Australia after my marriage had ended. I need to do something new for me as I had stagnated in Australia from fear (it has taken many years to work out the reasons for this and I will talk about that later).
I had always liked massage and had been told I naturally good at it my numerous people so I found a 1 year part time course at the Bristol School of Massage.

I loved the course, learning lots of techniques and all about the body with brilliant teachers and a great group of students.

When the year was up I wanted to learn more about working with the body and after trying a few different modalities I had an amazing experience with Shiatsu . During my first Shiatsu treatment I had a vision of a fire and a man jumping around it singing and dancing, it was there in the room and when the smoke cleared I knew Shiatsu was my path.

In the last year in Australia I had found conscious dance. I love to dance, always have and always will. Upon my return to Bristol I found a 5 Rhythms class tried it and felt at home which immediately lead to a closed 5 Rhythms class that blew my mind. Suddenly my body had a voice and it was asking a lot of questions now that the mind was out of the way.

I dance twice a week for many years which eventually lead to finding Movement Medicine I shall come back to this point in time later.

I studied Transformational Zen Shiatsu at the Bristol School of Shiatsu feeling confident in my bodywork skills however this training was different. Whilst there was lots to learn in the first 2 years with all the meridians, points and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there was an underlying questions about "Who are you?" and "what make you tick?"

The two main teacher Keith Philips and Paul McNicholls are both psychotherapist as well as Shiatsu practitioners with many years of experience and they both hold a strong boundary especially Paul.

I shall continue this at a later date!

Karika is the name that I was given when I entered the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest by an elder of the Sapara tribe. In the Sapara language Karika means the "Star that is always there to guide you home". The Sapara language is under treat of extinction so for me it's an honour to be given the name and to use it here. 

For more information about the Sapara and how to visit them yourselves please follow this link: Naku


I am otherwise known as Bryn which means "hill" in Welsh. I'm rather blessed with names that link me to the Earth and the Heavens.


My mission is to facilitate change and help people grow.

Change is life's only constant, how we mange change in our lives is the work.

Through my work as a Shiatsu practitioner and a Movement Medicine Teacher I am helping people move through their lives, providing tools and offering support.


To hold others whilst on my own journey.

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