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The Power of Shiatsu with Bryn Davies.

There are a few things in life that are constant and one of those is change.

Often change comes with turbulence such as relationship break down or we get stuck in a pattern of behaviour refusing to change which can lead to depression, anxiety and illness.

Change can be swift happening in a heartbeat or slow taking years to unfold.

We are often unaware that change is happening until we hit a wall and have a break down. This is when life gets overwhelming and we can't coup with the day-to-day. At this time it can be very hard to do anything, let alone seek support that is capable of holding all that you bring.

We may have long term physical problems that we are conscious of such as joint pain and there are issues that we are not conscious of which are hindering our change process like dissociation.

Shiatsu is a trauma centric practice that is ideal for helping the change process happening. Whether you are struggling with life, have a long-term pain, dissociation, anxieties or simply know that things in your life need to change Shiatsu will be of benefit as it works with the emotional body in tandem with the physical body.

Change shouldn't be look at as positive or negative, it may create what to you feels like a hard time in the moment but it can lead to joy, positivity and self-realisation as the burdens of the past reveal more of your true self.

This is Bryn Davies

Bryn Davies MrSS

I am a qualified Shiatsu practitioner who has been practicing Shiatsu for over 8 years having studied at the Bristol School of Shiatsu.

I attends CPD workshops and regularly see a  Shiatsu supervisor.

I am a member of the Shiatsu Society (UK), whose governance I adhere to.


What happens during a Shiatsu session

Each session is 1 hour long.

At the first session we shall talk about where you are including physical and emotional issues, what brings you to Shiatsu and the outcome you desire.

We will come to an agreement about the path of future sessions followed with a shiatsu.

I suggest a minimum of 6 sessions.

Prior to our first meeting I shall send you a form to fill in about your medical history.

Subsequent sessions will always start with a check-in followed by a Shiatsu which I aim to finish  5 minutes before the end of our session to give time for anything that needs to be said.

Bryn giving Shiatsu heart touch

What do you need to know before coming

Bryn giving Shiatsu

Please wear loose fitting clothes that cover the arms and legs as Shiatsu is given through clothes.

Shiatsu is mostly done lying down on a futon however it may involve standing and moving.

Shiatsu takes many forms and each session varies however a typical session could involve stretches, shaking, finger/hand/elbow/foot pressure, holding and talking.


£45 for 1 hour session Friday's

£50 for 1 hour session Sunday's


I currently have sessions available on Friday afternoons & Sunday mornings/afternoons at Tashi Centre , Dursley

Please leave a message if I don't answer

Bryn giving Shiatsu
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